In this program, you'll learn the fundamental features of a blockchain;

You will also learn the concept of proof of work, Proof of stake with the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tesoz protocols, build projects for real-world application and gain the essential skills for a career in this dynamic space.

Course duration.

Beginners - 4 weeks

You will learn and explore the use cases of blockchain in Finance, Health, Supply Chain, Government, etc. What Decentralised Applications are and web3.

Intermediate - 6 Weeks.

You will learn how to generate private and public key pairs, Consensus and its features, Generation of Nonce Values and Hash codes, Blockchain Types and Forms, Bitcoin Blockchain.

Expert - 8 weeks.

You will learn Fault tolerance in Blockchain, Ethereum blockchain, Developing Smart contracts on Ethereum Private Network, Hyperledger, Blockchain on Hyper Chain.

Opportunities in blockchain

Blockchain project manager

Companies are interested in developing blockchain solutions, and will need to communicate their needs to a blockchain development firm. Project managers will be required to manage and facilitate these projects, especially as companies take on more clients.

Blockchain developer

Blockchain developers may have the strongest career opportunities in the industry right now. Before companies can use blockchain to improve efficiency and speed, developers will need to create the necessary platforms and programs.

Blockchain legal consultant/attorney

Many attorneys working in tech have reported getting more calls from potential clients seeking advice about how to structure and govern ICOs, as well as on the issues they may face as they launch blockchain and fintech projects.

Blockchain engineer

As at the end of 2021, there were 14 open jobs for every one blockchain developer or engineer. These professionals are responsible for creating and implementing digital solutions for companies using the blockchain.

More Opportunities in blockchain

Blockchain Writer

Blockchain Security Expert

Ledger Expert

Blockchain Architect